get your business Idea off the ground with a professional, brand, Website & sales page.

Do you have an existing business
or business idea you'd love to get off the ground, but have no idea how or where to start?

Well, You've finally found it!

Hi, I'm brand strategist and marketer Paul Feeney, and I will Plug into your business (From start to finish & in 90 Days) A proven, Tried
and Tested *Sales & marketing Framework designed to do one thing
 - drive sales!

*The same Sales & Marketing framework that Every 
Successful online Business Uses today.

And Let's See If My Framework Fits Into Your Business!

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I highly recommend Paul for anyone that's looking ... to build an online business.

Paul helped me get my vision and messaging clear, designed a beautiful brand to match my target market. And website, sales pages and sales funnels were all built in ... I'm really excited to face 2021.

TREASA FITZGIBBONS  // Professional Career & Life Coach

🛑 STOP Wasting Your Time, Energy & Money Doing Online Courses Or Working With Designers That Promise The World And Deliver Nothing!

Let's Once And For All  Build The Sales & Marketing Framework Your Business Needs!

I understand the gut-wrenching frustration of knowing your business will work, having the passion and discipline to work long hours, but finding yourself stuck, unable to move your business forward!

There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to get your business going, but not being sure where to start or what to focus on.

You waste your time, energy and money over and over again doing online courses or hiring the wrong people who promise the world and never deliver!

It can be painfully disheartening.

Even if you DO manage to find someone to help you.
Even if you DO manage to find a useful course.

How do you know if what you have is set up correctly?

How do you know if your marketing will work?

How do you know if your marketing is on the right track?

How can you move your business from start-up sales to consistent sales? 

How can you know!!?

It can be this "not knowing" which can manifest into anxiety for many a business owner.

You can find yourself lost in a world of endless marketing tactics all screaming at you saying they have the answer.

The internet is a minefield of companies aimed at start-ups, selling the next get rich scheme, tactic or course.

As a start up your time and money are so important.

To ensure the success of your business:
You must know what to focus on.
You must know what parts of your business to prioritise!
You must know what distractions to stay away from.

Once you recognise and understand what parts are important and what parts are not, you must stay focused on getting these business parts working, before moving on!

Don't get burned by yet another design agency!

  • Are you fed up of hiring design agency's that under deliver?
  • Are you fed up of trying to figure it out yourself, watching Youtube videos or downloading course after course?!
  • Are you fed up of spending hours overseeing online Freelancers that simply waste your time and don't effect sales?

Introducing The Framework that will kick start your business!

Before you attempt any marketing to grow your business you must first build the right framework.
The right Framework will offer your business a solid foundation upon which you will finally be able to move your business forward towards financial freedom and ultimate success.

My Sales & Marketing Framework is made up of 4 Parts


A Solid, Consistent
Story-Selling Brand

The foundation of your business.
Your story, your message.
Your brand must connect

with your customers.


A Lead-Generating

A professional,
clean, clear
and concise website.


A Conversion Focused
Sales Page

A hard sell on your most profitable product or service.


 An Automated Email Marketing Campaign

Email nurturing campaigns
designed to convert
cold leads to warm leads to sales.

And Let's See If My Framework Fits Into Your Business!

Ok, How does It All work?

Once registered, you receive 4 workbooks covering the 4 necessary parts of building an online business. 

The workbooks are simply designed to help you prepare for our 1-2-1 meeting.

I use the information gathered from our 1-2-1 meeting to distil your message into your very own brand story.
I then bring this brand story to life across your website, sales pages and email marketing.


The FREE Consultation is designed to see if your business issues and goals are a good match for my Framework.

Click The Button Below And Schedule Your FREE Consultation.

Step 2. sign up and prepare for our 1-2-1 meeting

Once registered you will receive 4 workbooks. The workbooks cover each part of The Framework.

These workbooks are designed to help you organise your thoughts, ideas, and vision for the growth of your business in preparation for our 1-2-1 meeting

You can download the workbooks now for FREE

STEP 3. 1-2-1 Meeting

Once you have completed your workbooks, we arrange a 1-2-1 meeting to thoroughly go through your notes.

During our meeting I will push you to think about all aspects of your business. I do this to uncover and develop the right angle, vision, direction and copy for your brand, website, sales page and email marketing system.

irish designer paul feeney westport mayo

And Remember! I build everything!
Your workbooks and 1-2-1 meeting are simply to help me develop a clear brief, while gathering all the necessary information I need to build your business framework.

due to demand, I am now ONLY offering 1 SPACE per month!

Happy Customers

Recent Members

The Bodhi Business Academy only began in 2020, but already members are achieving amazing results. Check out these success stories on how The Bodhi Academy has helped members take their business online!

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Treasa Fitzgibbon

I highly recommend Bodhi for anyone thats looking to make a move into building an online business..

I always wanted to make that move .. online.... the first time being self-employed (Bodhi) ..met all of my needs. The fact that everything was structured and step-by-step was so helpful. Paul helped me get my vision and messaging clear, designed a beautiful brand to match my target market and sales pages and sales funnels were all built in...I'm really excited to face 2021.

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Darren Cawley

bringing me closer to my goal of developing an online course...

If you have a .. business idea and are highly motivated, but you just don't know how to bring that vision into reality, I could not recommend Paul .. enough...

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Paul Coghlan

I cant recommend him highly enough...

I simply wanted to help people. People had told me that my story had helped them and that I should share it more. Ok, I said, but how do I do that? I hate technology, I hate computers and I hate social media! I found Paul (and The Bodhi Business Academy)... Paul interviewed me for several hours and a month later I had my website and sales systems all built .. it was incredible. I can't recommend him highly enough.

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Jim Hickey

Paul is your man!

Paul came highly recommended... He was so approachable.. calm and understanding ...and created an amazing website that did very well and does very well (in terms of sales). I would highly recommend Paul for anyone who is interested in taking their business to that next level.

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Darren Whelan

Finding Paul was a godsent...

I don't know where we'd if I hadn't met Paul before the COVID-19 outbreak. We're sitting here and we're looking at launching on Friday!..Thank you Paul and thank you Bodhi.

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Jim Tully

Our revenue has doubled...

We have been in business for about 5 years, .. recently we (joined) Bodhi ... and since then, our business has exploded ... leads have been coming in on a consistent basis ... and our revenue has doubled!

bodhi coworking space design agency westport

My first business centre, The Bodhi Business Labs based in the beautiful town of Westport, Co. Mayo.

A Little About Me,
Paul Feeney

Hi, I'm Paul Feeney, Founder of The Bodhi Business Labs, based in Westport, Co. Mayo. Over the past 15 years I have worked with hundreds of company's in relation to research & strategy, brand development, offline and online marketing, SEO, graphic and web design and much, much more. My job has always been to help my client's gain more clients and increase sales.

Now, I have developed The 4-Part Framework as I am passionate about helping businesses overcome their challenges using a blend of creative branding, lead generating web design, conversion focused sales pages and automated email marketing systems.

My mission is to develop the West of Ireland as a Global Centre for Business Development, investment and a Startup ecosystem for high-tech innovation.

What past client's say

an exceptional marketer...

"Paul is an exceptional marketer who truly understands what it takes to build a brand. He was able to guide us through our product launch from strategy to launch with success at every milestone."




"Paul's ability to work with managers around the world and distil the message, services, products and industries of our 50-year-old company into a simple, clear and concise global website was astounding."

James Dodgson

Global Business Manager
@ Survival Systems Int outstanding marketer

"Paul has a sixth sense for what a brand needs. His experience in branding, business strategy and market research combined with his unique way of energising the people he works with makes him an outstanding marketer to work with."

Philip Vandusen

Brand Expert @
Verhaal Brand Design

amazingly creative...

"Paul is amazingly creative; gets a good understanding of our needs and always delivers a creative solution which has ‘wowed’ our customers. It is great to work with such a professional."

Mike McGrath

Co-Founder @ KwaygaS

exactly what a business needs...

"Paul’s hands on approach to marketing and growing a business is exactly what a business needs in todays fast paced world of digital marketing."

Martijn Moret

CEO @ AirFi

corporate branding beyond .. expectations.

"We needed to develop a brand that could be utilised across all marketing. Paul not only delivered...but made it extensible and dynamic with the future in mind. His ability to understand our company’s message lead to the realisation of our corporate branding beyond our expectations."

William Lyons

Marketing Manager,
@ Shimmer Research

Price List

Below is my average design and marketing price list over the past 5 years

  • Strategy & Research ..... €1,200 to €3,000
  • Branding ..... €3,000 to €9,000
  • Logo Design ..... €750 to €2,500
  • Web Design ..... €3,500 - €20,000
  • Sales Pages ..... €2,000 - €8,000
  • Copywriting ..... €600 - €2,500
  • Support & Accountability ..... €75 to €250ph
  • Facebook Marketing Funnel .... €4,500
  • Email Marketing ..... €500 - €2,000
  • Video Scripting ..... €90 - €750
  • SEO ..... €500 - €3,000
  • Online Course Development ..... €6,000

But YOU Don't Pay This!

Past Projects

From market research for global markets to website design for local business's, my 15+ years of experience covers the entire range of design and marketing services.


Market research and pitch deck to ascertain the correct market position within the billion dollar wearables industry in the USA, as well as a brand identity project for Verisense Technologies.


Graphic design, iconography and copywriting for a multitude of marketing material for Shimmer Research, a leading Global provider of wireless sensing technologies. 

capture global delivery tracking

Brand identity and logo design for Capture, a leading provider in global delivery tracking software.

survival systems international uk

Market research, branding, web design, online marketing, copy writing and a global marketing strategy for global Oil and Gas firm, Survival Systems International.

republic of fitness westport

Brand identity, logo design, app design, web design, sales pages and an online marketing system for local gym and online fitness community Republic of Fitness.

Limited Spaces

Price will Increase To €4,995 this year



You are fully protected by my 100% Quality-Guarantee.

When you join The Bodhi Business Academy you are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't feel like you've received value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the first 30 days, just let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund. No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through.

I'm confident that you'll find the Bodhi Business Academy useful, and I won't make you beg or invoke any silly rules or conditions - if you're not satisfied within your first 30 days to the value I provide to your business then I'll refund you without any fuss.

What past members say...

He simply .. built everything......

"I'd never worked with a designer like Paul before this project. From the moment we hired him he took control of the entire project and researched, built and designed everything to such an incredible standard. From the development of our story and brand, the Ecommerce website and sales pages, social media, videos, photography and everything. He simply designed, wrote and built everything!"

Austin Gibbons

CEO @ The Middle Way Hostel

My phone just kept binging with payments...

"I never fully understood what Paul was doing for me, but unlike many designers I had worked with in the past, I just trusted Paul knew what he was doing. He would ask me to complete small tasks and before I knew it leads where coming, my course was being marketed and my phone just kept binging with payments going into my Paypal account - it was amazing. I couldn't recommend Paul highly enough."

Jim Hickey

Peak Performance Coach and Equestrian Coach outstanding marketer

"We have no hesitation in recommending Paul to anyone looking for online business development which will generate sales and truly reflect who they are. His passion and ability to inspire is contagious within an organisation. From our initial meetings to our online marketing campaigns going live Paul handled everything from start to finish."

Clare O'Mahony

Marketing Manager @ the Credit Union

Let me build for you in weeks what it took me
years to learn!

I have always made money for myself and so converting online leads to sales has always been vitally important to the survival and growth of my company's.

However, I was never able to generate sales as effectively for my clients as (in most cases) I had not designed their initial company framework - Their brand, website, sales pages and email marketing.

Company's would hire me to design an 'element' of their business, not the business itself. As time went by, this led me to realise the huge importance of the initial setup of a company's online business framework.

If a business does not use this online framework, its online marketing will always fall short.

irish marketer paul feeney

Limited Spaces

Price will Increase To €7,995 in 2024

The Bodhi Business Academy is not a media agency, it is an academy; meaning the success of your business is intrinsically linked to the success of mine.

Paul Feeney, CEO @ Bodhi

Not sure? 
Let's talk.

Not sure? No worries, I get it! There are a million and one people online selling get rich courses or programmes. I've bought many myself!

So schedule a free no-obligation call with myself and let's have a chat. I'm not some big faceless company. I live in Westport, Co. Mayo and run The Bodhi Business Labs which is a Co-Working Space, Design Agency and Academy as there is nothing I love more than helping people develop businesses.

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Bodhi Business Labs, Westport, Co. Mayo

working hours

Monday – Friday
9am – 5pm

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