Bringing H-Training’s 30 Years of Experience Online




Bringing the Founder of H-Training’s 30 Years of Experience & Reputation Online

Founded in 1989 by Helen Hourican, H-training grew in a pre-internet era via referrals and word of mouth. To continue to grow the challenge was to mold 30 years of experience into an online brand and lead-generating digital marketing strategy.

About H-Training

● H-Training provides a wide range of HR and Learning & Development Solutions to private and public sector organisations on a local and national basis.


● Increase sales in Interview Coaching.
● Implement a system and marketing strategy which could be continuously updated, grown and promoted easily by H-Training.
● Bring H-Training to page 1 of Google in relation to key search terms.
● Build a website with a foundation and structure the H-Training brand could grow on indefinitely.


● A module system was implemented into the website giving potential leads the ability to take online courses.
● An online video course was designed, developed and implemented including email automation.
● Sales pages were designed, promoted and tracked promoting specific services.
● Blogging was utilised to generate traffic, leads and to increase Google rankings.


● Page 1 in Google for key search terms was secured.
● Sales in Interview Coaching increased by 22% in 6 months
● Traffic increased by over 200%
● Leads via the website increased by 200%

Building a Foundation

The first step to building the online H-Training brand was to focus the endless experience H-Training offered into a solid foundational structure. Their wide array of services was narrowed down to 6 categories. Once this foundation was in place, a more accurate SEO narrative was built with correct SEO blogging categories sitting on top a now clear and neat website foundation. 

Turning Weakness to Strength

While H-Training offer a premium service they compete with larger firms with more staff and vast marketing budgets. H-Training had to be presented in the correct and true light of being a more hands-on company showcasing to its customers a much more direct, personal and 1-2-1 relationship.

SEO, Sales Pages & Automation

Sales pages containing tracking and linked to targeted Facebook Ad campaigns were built and promoted via SEO, Blogging and content marketing. This created a closed-loop marketing system whereby each article, lesson and post added increased traffic, leads and email subscribers. This closed-loop system also compounded with each new piece of content added resulting in a never-ending flow of traffic and leads. 

About the author, Paul Feeney

Hi, I'm Paul Feeney, Founder of The Bodhi Business Academy, based in Westport, Co. Mayo. Over the past 15 years I have worked with hundreds of company's in relation to research & strategy, brand development, offline and online marketing, SEO, graphic and web design and much, much more. My job has always been to help my client's gain more clients and increase sales.

I founded Bodhi and developed The Bodhi Business Academy as I am passionate about helping businesses overcome their challenges using a blend of creative branding, lead generating web design, conversion-focused sales pages and automated email marketing systems.

My mission is to develop the West of Ireland as a Global Centre for Business Development, investment and a Startup ecosystem for high-tech innovation.

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