How Treasa Fitzgibbons Turned Her Career Into Her Passion




How Treasa Fitzgibbons Turned Her Career Into Her Passion

Treasa Fitzgibbon returned to home to Co. Mayo in 2019 after an impressive career in finance which saw her rise to the board of Bank of America in New York.

Treasa knew she wanted to go into business and she knew she wanted to help women achieve more. 

However, how these goals would manifest themselves into a business was still to be established. After many discussions relating to all forms of coaching, we refined Treasa’s vision and identity to help women in finance accelerate their career paths.

Treasa now helps women all over the world with identifying the tools, skills, habits and behaviours they need to reach their full potential and secure that next promotion. 

Treasa helps her clients create a career strategy, how to play the game and win!

When asked why she wanted to work for herself and give the entrepreneurial route a go, she said

Treasa Fitzgibbons

I highly recommend Bodhi for anyone thats looking to make a move into building an online business..

I always wanted to make that move .. online.... the first time being self-employed (Bodhi) ..met all of my needs. Paul helped me get my vision and messaging clear, designed a beautiful brand to match my target market and sales pages and sales funnels were all built ... I'm so excited to face 2021.

Treasa Fitzgibbon /

treasa fitzgibbon brand

Logo design

Brand identity and visual direction

Target Market, Brand Identity, Art Direction

Target Market, Brand Identity, Art Direction

Art Direction

Email Marketing, Ebook Designs

Website Design, Before & After

treasa fitzgibbon website

Website Before

Website After

Sales Pages

I wanted to create a lifestyle that allowed me to align my life to my core values.

 I wanted the flexibility to spend more time with my family, to travel and work from any location.

The more women I coached, the better I got at it and the more impact I was having on these women.


About the author, Paul Feeney

Hi, I'm Paul Feeney, Founder of The Bodhi Business Academy, based in Westport, Co. Mayo. Over the past 15 years I have worked with hundreds of company's in relation to research & strategy, brand development, offline and online marketing, SEO, graphic and web design and much, much more. My job has always been to help my client's gain more clients and increase sales.

I founded Bodhi and developed The Bodhi Business Academy as I am passionate about helping businesses overcome their challenges using a blend of creative branding, lead generating web design, conversion-focused sales pages and automated email marketing systems.

My mission is to develop the West of Ireland as a Global Centre for Business Development, investment and a Startup ecosystem for high-tech innovation.

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