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McMonagle Marble & Granite's Nationwide Success with SEO & Blogging

Brian McMonagle

Paul helped us match our premium product and service with a premium brand converting more and more high-quality leads into sales. Working with Paul our company grew from strength to strength. Paul is very professional & has an excellent approach to innovative ideas!

Brian McMonagle / Owner of McMonagle Marble & Granite

McMonagle Marble & Granite based in Co.Donegal is a long-stand and reputable family run business which originally focused on fireplace manufacturing. In recent years the company moved to the fabrication of granite and quartz worktops. The aim was to cement the companies brand and reach within Donegal and expand its reputation into commercial projects as well as residential.

About McMonagle Marble & Granite

● McMonagle Marble & Granite primarily focus on the fabrication of granite and quartz worktops for residential and commercial uses. 
● www.mcmonagles.ie

Project Goals

● Develop and design new brand focusing on a more premium marketplace.
● Build a new website to showcase all services
● Increase search ranking in Co. Donegal.

● Increase sales in Co. Donegal.


● Sales pages with campaigns, automation & tracking were built to generate leads year round.
● A solid SEO foundation was implemented.

● Blogging was utilised to generate traffic.


● Page 1 of Google search results captured for Donegal County as well as Counties Fermanagh, Sligo, Derry and Galway.
● Leads and sales generated nationwide.

● Appeared on RTE due to dominant Google search results.
● Consistent and steady increase in sales revenues.
● Overall sales increase by 25% in first year.

The History

Established in 1976 McMonagle Marble & Granite focuses on the fabrication of granite worktops, commercial fits (interior & exterior) and custom made fireplaces. Via reputation they have built themselves into one of the leading stone fabricators in the northwest of Ireland. With an ambitious outlook and confidence in their own standards, McMonagle Marble & Granite wanted to extend its net outwards into further reaching areas of Donegal.

The Impact of Digital Marketing

Within 3 to 4 months of SEO work and blogging the first spot in Google for Donegal regarding all the main search terms (such as 'granite kitchen countertops donegal' had been secured. This immediately created a spike in calls, email subscribers and of course much needed traffic. By month 6 to 8 surrounding counties such as Sligo, Fermanagh and Derry had also been captured with regards Google search results.

New Brand, New Vision

During this period the McMonagle Marble & Granite brand and website were also being developed and refined. Systems were put in place to encourage the gathering of testimonials, photography and case studies. This added further content to the site, increased reputation, brand awareness and strengthened the sites overall Google ranking.

Converting Leads to Sales via Sales Pages & Email Marketing

A sales strategy of two annual sales were developed. An annual kitchen countertop sale and an annual fireplace sale. Funnelled sales pages were developed for both sales with both pages being tracked for future Facebook advertising. Potential customer leads were also captured via email subscriber systems and automation. 

Social Media Marketing

A new brand image and conversation was constantly promoted via Facebook. Pinterest and the globally recognised home design website Houzz were also used to further increase SEO and rankings. Facebook advertising was used to promote sales to already warmed and tracked customers via custom audiences.

Optimised website with new brand angle. The message was aimed at the craftsmanship behind McMonagles products rather than the products and materials themselves, as all competition was doing.

A solid SEO structure and correct hierarchical system was implemented throughout the entire website

Funnelled sales page system(s) were implemented which gathered leads 365, while also being promoted via marketing to generate leads in the present and for future advertising needs via tracking, Facebook advertising and email marketing

Backlinks via Social Media and PR articles helped further increase the McMonagles Marble & Granite website. A SEO heavy profile was also set up on Houzz, a highly ranked PR website with a large online community related to architecture, interior design and decorating.

Pinterest, Houzz and Irish Directories were utilised to cast a larger online net

Branding and signage design.

Branding and stationery design

Email marketing, Ebook design and print marketing

Branding and stationery design

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